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Grateful Monday


"Among the many vices that are at once universally decried, and universally practiced in the world— there is none more base or more common than INGRATITUDE; ingratitude towards the supreme Benefactor. Ingratitude is the sin of individuals, of families, of churches,of kingdoms, and even of all mankind. The guilt of ingratitude lies heavy upon the whole race of men, though, alas! but few of them feel and lament it.I have felt it of late with unusual weight; and it is the weight of it that now extorts a discourse from me upon this subject."       Samuel Davies

I am learning that keeping a grateful heart before God helps me fight pride. When I give thanks, I am recognizing that I am only a vessel receiving blessings, virtues, opportunities, abilities, resources. Even when I do something "good" towards my neighbor, it is a gift from God that I am willing to do so; Paul reminded the Philippians of this when he wrote to them saying that "it is God who works in us to will and to work for His good pleasure".

The more I cultivate I grateful heart, the more clearly I see that pride and gratitude cannot abide in the same heart. So I give thanks to God, over and over, so I won't forget that HE IS the ONE that works all things in me for His good pleasure!


1204. My oldest son turning 18years old! (Sorry no pics! I was too busy baking, cooking, serving our family and enjoying the moment!)

1205. I am grateful that it is GOD who has worked in my son all these years.

1206. I am so grateful to have am 18 years old son who loves the Lord and his family.

1207. I am grateful for my marriage, and how we keep holding hands as we see our children grow in the Lord.

1208. Fresh flowers in our home.

Samuel Davies (1723- 1761) encouraged his readers to give thanks to God to fight the sin of ingratitude; and I was  very delighted to find out that he also enumerated God's gifts; so today, I make his words, his "gratitude list" mine...

1209. I thank God that His mercy has been poured upon me upon all sides, and has followed me from the first commencement of your existence; rich, various, free, repeated, uninterrupted mercy!

1210. I thank God for the blessings of a body wonderfully and fearfully made, complete in all its parts, and not monstrous in any!

1211. I thank God he blessings of a rational, immortal soul, preserved in the exercise of sound reason for so many years, amid all those accidents that have shattered it in others, and capable of the exalted pleasure of religion, and the everlasting enjoyment of the blessed God, the Supreme Good!

1212. The blessing of a large and spacious world, prepared and furnished for our accommodation; illuminated with an illustrious sun, and the many luminaries of the sky!

1213. The earth enriched and adorned with trees, vegetables, various sorts of grain, and animals, for our support or convenience!

1214. The the sea, a medium of extensive trade, and an inexhaustible store of fish!

1215. The blessing of the early care of parents and friends, to provide for us in the helpless days of infancy, and direct or restrain us in the giddy, precipitant years of youth!

1216. Thank you, Lord, for the blessing of having freedom to give our children a godly education.

1217. Thank you, Lord, for the blessing of health for months and years!

1218. The blessing of clothing suited to the various seasons of the year!

1219. The blessing of rain from heaven, and fruitful seasons, of summer and winter, of seed time and harvest!

1220. The agreeable vicissitude of night and day!

1221. The refreshing repose of sleep, and the activity and enjoyment of our waking hours!

1222. The blessing of the most endearing relationships; the blessings included in the tender names of friend, husband or wife, parent or child, brother or sister!

1223. Thank you, Lord, for the blessing of peace.

1224. Blessings in every age of life; in infancy, in youth, in adult age, and in the decays of old age!

1225. Thank you, Lord for all blessings as numerous as our moments, as long continued as our lives; blessings personal and relative, public and private! For while we have the air to breathe in, the earth to tread upon, or a drop of water to quench our thirst—we must own we are not left destitute of blessings from God!

"May our divine Benefactor, among his other blessings, bestow upon us that of a thankful heart, and enable us to give sincere, fervent, and perpetual praise to his name, through Jesus Christ, his unspeakable gift! Amen."

Join me today, let us praise together our Father in Heaven from whom all blessings flow!

What are you grateful for today? I want to join my voice with yours and extol our God who is worthy to be praised!

Note: My dear friend Trisha, is hosting the giveaway of a wonderful book that encourages us to have  a grateful heart. Please go to her site and be sure to follow her blog, it is one of my favorite places on the web!

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