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Giving Thanks to God and Others


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Have you thought that sometimes it is easier to give thanks to God than to others?

This month, a month which some of us have set apart to give thanks, I want to be practical; I will give, first and foremost, thanks to God from whom all blessings flow, but I also want to show gratitude to those around me. How? Well,  I will be writing  "thank you" notes and "thinking of you" notes to many of my friends and relatives; some living in the same area, some others far away; and I will be doing this the beautiful and traditional way, with pen in hand and stationary paper... I have so much to thank each one of them!

Once, while in a journey, I walked in a bookstore that was on clearance and I bought this little book, for less than five dollars,  it has good and simple advices on how to write thank- you notes; so I thought you might enjoy reading some of her ideas:

1. Focus on the giver. Think of "the person who originated the act of kindness..."

2. Name the gift early. "Always connect the gift with the giver"

3. Don't force or falsify a thank you. "rather, remember that by continuing to exercise your thank-you muscles you will begin to recognize the elements in every gift or kind act for which you can honestly be thankful"

4. Give a thanks on time. "Responding on time is important; but more important  is responding"

5. No- ocassion thank yous.  Give thanks to those who make your life richer and special.

6. Teach your children to give thanks and write thank you notes.  You can start as soon as your child starts to print.

The author includes some "Points of Etiquette" (page 40) few are here:

*Verbal thank yous for gifts don't substitute for written ones.

*Stay away from general statements; make your thank yous specific.

*Don't let your prose go beyond your true feelings.

I am planning on starting today! One every day, and mail them at the end of the week. My husband and children will receive one too. I have so much to thank them.

Pixels and Stories (mom and daughter image)

Well, today I raise my voice to say (#873) THANK YOU, LORD FOR SO MANY GODLY FRIENDS (including my best friend, my sister) that you have given me. That is a blessing indeed, even though many of them live in other countries or continents and I get to see them only once a year.

I am thankful, Lord, for all the technology that we have used to keep in touch with each other on a regular basis. I am so grateful for this! It is much easier to keep up building long-lasting friendships in this time than 15 years ago.(#874)

What are you grateful for today?

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The little book:

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