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The Only Safe Way to Look Back


"What shall I render unto the Lord for all his benefits to me?" 
Psalm 116:12

The Christian, as he journeys onwards in the pathway of life, 
ought frequently to look back, 
and standing, as it were, on the shadowy side of the hill, 
review the way by which God has led him. 

If we would keep alive our gratitude--
if we would have it to increase more and more, until, 
like a holy flame, it burns within us--
we must often, 
in thought, 
retrace the varied turnings and windings of our earthly pilgrimage. 

We are so prone, amid our daily duties and our converse with the world, 
to forget and overlook the benefits received
that only by a careful and frequent retrospect, 
can we continue, 
from day to day, 
cherishing a spirit of true and ever-increasing thankfulness to God. 
But, the oftener we make the review, 
the greater cause will we have for saying, with David, 

"Who am I, O Lord God, 
and what is my father's house, 
that you have brought me hitherto?"

 The only safe way to look back is remembering all the benefits we have received from God's hands. It is safe to stop frequently, and carefully look back to count all the benefits we have received from our Heavenly Father, unmerited benefits,flowing from the throne of grace.
Today I am looking back with a grateful heart, and I will try to do the impossible, count His endless I stand in awe at His amazing grace.

637. Lettuce grown in my friend's garden. Delicious!

638. Tears and hope.
639. Friends sending virtual flowers.
640. Lesson plans ready.
641. Dinner with friends.
642. My children encouraging my husband and I to go out on a date.
643. Being able to laugh.

644. Breathing.
646. Catching hurting birds, and helping them get well.


647. Holding a baby in my arms. So tiny, so perfect, so wonderfully made! 

648. A loving son.

649. More beautiful conversations with my daughter.
650. The story behind the hymn Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus.
651. Loving friends, lovely company.

"O God, 
endue me with a spirit of true and pious gratitude 
for all Your benefits
--temporal and spiritual; 
maintain and increase the same in my heart. 
Grant me the blessing of a thankful spirit, 
and dispose me ever to take delight in Your service."

Look back and count your many, undeserved, blessings...

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